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Welcome is READ ONLY is a read only website at the moment (that is, no changes can be made). The administrators made this decision as the website requires substantial upgrades to keep up with the latest security and web standards, which are planned for the future.

What is is a web site that allowed anyone to create free memorials for loved ones who have passed away (no new memorials can be created at the moment, nor can any changes be made). The website has been featured in several newspaper articles:

'Online tribute honours slain student' from the Ottawa Citizen,
'Web memorials let family and friends visit departed loved ones online' from CNEWS.

How do I view the memorials?

To view the memorials simply click on one of the links under 'list memorials by' located on the left side of the page. By clicking on 'last name' you will be able to view memorials sorted by last name. Clicking on 'date of birth' will display the list of memorials sorted by date of birth. Clicking on 'date of passing' will display the list of memorials sorted by date of passing. Clicking on 'date of creation' will display a list of memorials sorted by date of creation (when the memorials were created).

Who runs

The maintainer of this site is Rod Moffitt. This site was created after the tragic death of his younger brother Andy in December of 1998, at the age of 23. This site is dedicated to Andy's memory.

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