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Wood, Corey (1976 - 1999)
Corey Wood

Corey Wood

December 15 1976 - September 28 1999

My name is JOY BRUNNER. Corey was born on the 15th of Dec in Hawaii, he was studding to be a ship captain at the time of his death and would have been in only 2 years. Corey had received a 10 dollar a day raise and promotion only the day before his death, he had also bought a new home he had only lived in for 3 months and one day.

Corey was a wonderful person, his own man at 22, at the service people from all walks of life came. There were people that came off the street that did not even know Corey only to look at a young man that had made such and impact on the community.

Threw Corey's death, things will change in Angelina County, and the State of Texas. Maybe in the nation. Even though Corey did not take his own life, I have walked the path of a mother that laid her child to rest with suicide on his death. What a injustice we place on not only the victim of suicide but the family that is left behind.

This does not even touch the families that their loved one was falsely accused. I have been led to many families that have and are doing just what we did to find the truth, I have know words to tell you of the feelings we have been dealing with in the last 22 months. Corey's death will be with us forever, our lives have changed for ever, we will never be the same. I do have peace that Corey is in Heaven, but what we have been left with here on earth is outrageous. The people that investigated Corey's death did not care enough to find out what happened to our Corey. God is so very good!

Joy Brunner

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